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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Auto Accident Claim

If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident then you know things can get out of hand and downright unpleasant. Car insurance can be the good, bad, and the ugly of any accident report, so getting the most out of your claim can be difficult. The best thing to do in any circumstance is to find an attorney (preferably an auto accident attorney) to get professional guidance and the compensation you deserve.

Insurance companies generally aren’t there to make sure you get every dime that you’re entitled to. Insurance is based largely on financial investments alone and so reasoning with them can be difficult. They want to retain as much of the money as possible from your settlement, so contacting an auto accident attorney to handle your claim is advisable. There are a few tips that every attorney will want you to adhere to in order to get the most out of your claim:

  • Never Admit Fault: Not to the police, not to the other driver — no one. If you believe you are at fault, the best thing for you to do is to remain quiet about it until you can speak with your attorney. If you believe the other party is at fault be sure not to blame them as well. Stay objective to avoid complications later on.
  • File a Report: Having a report on file with both the police and insurance company will help with the insurance claims process. You should file your reports as soon as possible, as failing to do so in a timely manner could result in your insurance company refusing to cover you.
  • Check with Your Insurance Company: Ask your agent what benefits you have with your policy. Using these won’t raise your rates if you weren’t at fault and can be useful resources while you wait to settle your claim.
  • Comply with Your Insurance Company: Failing to cooperate or giving your insurance company a hard time can result in a loss of benefits. Cooperate to your fullest extent to avoid derailing your claims process.
  • Don’t Sign Anything: If the other party or their insurance company reaches out and asks you to sign any documentation, refuse. Signing anything without legal representation can be detrimental. You could ruin your chances of a full claim as well as hurt your benefits under your own policy.

An estimated 5.4 million non-fatal motor vehicle accidents occur in the U.S. each year, so you aren’t the first person to need an auto accident attorney. When choosing an attorney, be sure to find the best lawyers for your case.

If you’ve been in an auto accident, contact the Offices of Steigmann Law to begin your claims process today.