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Bar Negligence Law Illinois

The damage and tragedy caused by drunk driving is unquestionable. Drunk drivers have taken innocent lives and caused catastrophic injuries. Many people do not know that the bar or other establishment where those drivers were served alcohol can also be held accountable for damages.

Attorneys in IllinoisA bar or tavern can be held responsible under the State’s DRAM SHOP laws which prohibit the sale of alcohol:

  • To a minor
  • To someone who is intoxicated
  • After the legal hours for selling alcohol
  • Without a valid liquor license

Should an injury or death occur as a result of a bar’s negligence, Steigmann Law, PC has the experience and the resources necessary to pursue these serious cases.

Tavern and Bar Negligence Law Illinois

Employees of any establishment with a liquor license are required under Illinois law to notice whether their customers are intoxicated. Additionally, under Illinois law, bar owners are liable for any damage caused by one of their intoxicated patrons. While this seems fairly straightforward, a drunk-driving victim and their family face significant legal challenges in attempting to prove liability.

Our lawyers have successfully handled all types of injuries and bar negligence law through Illinois, including, but not limited to, those involving:

  • Drunk Driving
  • Wrongful Death
  • Bar Fights
  • Improper or No Security
  • Serious Injuries

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