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Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Understanding the Process

When you lose a loved one, your entire world can get flipped upside down. And if you lose a loved one due to the negligence or an intentional act of someone else, the loss can be even more difficult to process. This is why it's important to fully understand the process of filing a wrongful [...]

Medical Malpractice: Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

When something goes wrong during a medical procedure, it's important you receive compensation for the negligence you were subjected to. Medical malpractice claims can be made for both inpatient and outpatient incidents. Inpatient incident medical malpractice claims consist of about 34% due to surgery errors while outpatient incident claims consist of about 46% due to [...]

What to Know About 18-Wheeler Accidents

Each year, there are about 5.4 million non-fatal car accidents in the United States. But when you're in a vehicle accident, you can be faced with lasting damages: medical bills, serious injuries, property damage, and lost wages are just a few of the challenges you may face after being involved in a passenger car and [...]

Truck Accident Liability: The Complexity of Determining Fault

Each year, thousands of people are involved in vehicle accidents. In fact, there were over 30,000 fatal car accidents in the U.S. in 2014 alone. But when it comes to commercial truck accidents in Illinois, the process of filing a personal injury claim after an accident can be a little more complex. This is because [...]

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Hiring a Workers Comp Attorney

When an employee gets injured on the job, their employer's insurance often covers expenses for medical bills and lost wages. In fact, about 74% of U.S. states require employers to provide workers compensation coverage for their employees. Unfortunately, employers don't always have their employee's best interests at heart and a workers compensation settlement isn't always [...]

Truck Accidents Vs. Car Accidents: How Do These Cases Differ?

We know all too well that car crashes are incredibly common. And while some do end in tragedy, others are relatively minor. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and were lucky enough to avoid serious injuries, you may not realize that this is unfortunately not the case for all motorists. Being [...]

3 Important Steps to Take After a Workplace Accident

While 424,000 people were injured by distracted drivers in 2013, there are also thousands of workplace injuries every year that require medical attention as well. These workplace accidents can lead to serious injury or illness and may require the employee to work with an attorney to seek workers compensation. Because workers comp can be a [...]

Dram Shop Laws and Bar Negligence: How You Could Get More From Your Accident Claim

Drunk driving accounts for 32% of all car crash fatalities; 31% are due to speeding, 16% from distraction, and 11% from weather. If someone got into an accident that caused damage, injury, or wrongful death to another party, then they are held responsible. However, if that someone was drinking at a bar before the accident, [...]

5 Common Distracted Driving Behaviors

Personal injury claims are all too common nowadays. From negligence to car accidents, people can often find themselves in a sticky legal situation. This is especially true when it comes to car accidents. In 2014 alone, there were over 30,000 fatal car accidents in the United States. One of the leading causes of car accidents [...]

Why You Need to Start Truck Accident Litigation as Soon as Possible

A truck accident can be a burden, both physically and financially. And with the U.S. Department of Transportation showing that there were 3,906 trucks involved in fatal accidents in 2013 alone, vehicle accidents are all too common. Because of this, it's important to know what essential steps to take if you've been in an 18 [...]