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7 Most Common Surgical Errors that Amount to Medical Malpractice in Illinois

surgical errors

We rely on our doctors and surgeons to help us in treating disorders and disease. But unfortunately, surgical errors happen. In fact, they’re the third leading cause of death in the United States. On the non-fatal side of things, surgical errors can still cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. In this article, we’ll discuss the seven most common surgical errors for which you may be able to get compensation.

1. Wrong Procedures

The procedure you need may be wrongly communicated to the surgeon. For example, in the case of breast cancer, your surgeon may mistakenly perform a mastectomy instead of a lumpectomy.

2. Wrong Prescription Medications

Your health can be in grave danger when you have the wrong prescription medications. Your physician may accidentally prescribe either the wrong dosage or the wrong medication after your surgery, either of which can lead to more pain and discomfort.

3. Wrong Side for the Operation

A surgeon may perform the right procedure on you, but on the wrong side. You might require a procedure on your right arm but wake up with the procedure done on your left arm instead.

4. Intoxication of Your Surgeon

It’s safe to say it’s unacceptable to show up to work at any type of job while under the influence. If you suspect or have evidence of your surgeon being intoxicated at the time of your procedure, you have a strong case for medical malpractice.

5. Falls During Your Stay at the Hospital

Both before and after your surgery, you may be incapacitated to a certain degree due to anesthetics and other medications. If you weren’t properly secured in your bed due to negligence, you may have experienced a fall.

6. Errors in Anesthesia

The amount of anesthesia you need to get through surgery is an exact science. It can sometimes cause brain damage in older patients, so if you’re administered too much during your procedure, it can have serious effects. On the other hand, if they administer too little, you may end up waking up during your surgery. Both situations aren’t very pleasant and can result from negligence. If you’ve experienced either case, you may be able to sue.

7. Negligent Post-Operative Care

The care you receive after your surgery is crucial in your recovery. If your physician fails to monitor you after your operation, potentially fatal infections can develop. Your healthcare providers may have also missed key signs of other problems, which can significantly impact your health. Those problems can lead to complications that delay your full recovery.

Get Fair Compensation for Your Surgical Errors

If you’ve been through surgery recently and have any of the seven surgical errors listed above, then you may be entitled to compensation from your doctor. Hospitals will try to protect their surgeons, so you’ll need the help of an attorney for your medical malpractice suit. Make sure you act quickly and gather all the evidence you can to make the strongest case possible.

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