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3 Ways to Know You’ve Found a Good Attorney

There are a lot of reasons that someone may need to find an attorney. Among them are things like divorce, custody, family death, and car accidents. Wrongful death cases from car accidents are sometimes just as common as divorce cases, too. Roughly 32% of fatalities from car accidents are from drunk driving, 31% occur because of speeding, 16% are due to distracted driving, and 11% happen because of weather conditions.

Unfortunately, finding a good attorney to represent you in these types of cases can be difficult. Having good legal representation is crucial for the outcome of any case, especially when you’ve been injured. Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether or not a law firm can be trusted. Here are three signs to look for in the right lawyer.

Do You Get Along With Them?

Before you even choose a lawyer, it is wise to meet with them for a consultation first. It’s important to see if you get along with both the staff and the person that will be representing you. Even if you get good recommendations for a law firm, your own opinion matters. If you can’t see yourself working well with the lawyer you’re talking to, they might not be a good choice.

Is The Firm Established?

Having connections with the community is a huge plus for a law firm. They are not only aware of the local laws and people that live in the area, they may be more aware of the location and circumstances surrounding your specific case. They also can provide you with other networking connections because of their relationships with members of the community.

Are They Affordable and High Quality?

Price isn’t everything, but hiring a lawyer who charges outrageous prices doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get good representation. Your lawyer should have an extensive background to show their experience. Quora states, “lawyers should have an understanding of your needs and strategize to mitigate risk intelligently and always from a cost-benefit perspective.”

If you need to find an attorney, remember these three tips. Do your research and ask the proper questions to make sure that the firm you decide to hire is a good one.