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Truck Accidents Vs. Car Accidents: How Do These Cases Differ?

We know all too well that car crashes are incredibly common. And while some do end in tragedy, others are relatively minor. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and were lucky enough to avoid serious injuries, you may not realize that this is unfortunately not the case for all motorists. Being involved in a truck accident, for instance, can have a very different result. Most of these cases are extremely serious and complex, which means it’s imperative to have help from a truck accident attorney in Champaign, IL if you or someone you know is involved in one. Interested in knowing more about the ways in which car accidents and truck accidents differ? Read on.

Truck Accidents Cause Extensive Injuries and Increased Fatalities

Car accident attorney Champaign, ILGiven the sheer size and weight of the vehicles involved in 18 wheeler accidents and other big truck accidents, it’s no surprise that the subsequent damage is a lot more substantial. Approximately 5.4 million non-fatal car crashes happen every year in the United States; while accidents involving trucks are rarer, they’re also a lot more serious. The risk of fatalities is much higher, and the injuries that occur can often prove to be permanent. Accident victims who do survive face long recovery periods, permanent disfigurement, months of missed work, expensive hospital stays and medical bills, and even lasting emotional and mental health issues due to trauma.

Victims Who File Truck Accident Lawsuits Seek Higher Settlements

Due to the extensiveness of the injuries that stem from truck accidents, it’s only fitting that the claims filed by the victims (with help from their truck accident lawyers) involve higher amounts. The costs associated with long hospital stays, testing, physical therapy sessions, medications, and other recovery methods combined with the financial implications of permanent injuries or disabilities mean that many truck accident victims are faced with financial ruin (often through no fault of their own). That means it’s even more important to work with an auto accident attorney in Champaign, IL with experience in truck collisions, as your lawyer will need to take present and future costs when determining a reasonable figure for compensation.

Commercial Trucks Have Different Regulations and Bigger Insurance Policies

Commercial vehicles are subject to much stricter regulations than a typical motorist operating a passenger car. That can be a good thing when trying to prove liability — failure to comply with regulations can prove the driver, their employer, or even the truck manufacture might be responsible — but it also makes the process a lot more complicated. The same goes for commercial truck insurance policies. Because the coverage provided by these policies is much more substantial, insurance carriers will do everything they can to ensure they aren’t liable. While the payout could be high if your truck accident lawyer is able to prove they’re responsible, these carriers will employ tactics to prevent that from happening. Again, that’s why you should never pursue a claim like this on your own. Which leads us to our last point…

…No Matter What, You’ll Need an Attorney in Champaign

When filing any type of personal injury claim, you should have assistance from a reputable attorney in Champaign, IL. But if you’re involved in a serious collision with a truck, you will absolutely need help from a truck accident attorney. This process can be extremely complex; even in the best of situations, you would not be wise to tackle it on your own. But when you’re also grappling with serious injuries or emotional trauma, trying to go it alone may prove impossible. To ensure your rights are protected during every step, contact a law firm with experience in accidents like these.

For more information on auto injury claims or other personal injury filings, please contact the Steigmann Law Team today. We’re here to help you get your life back on track.