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Truck Accident Injuries: 3 Commonly Sustained Types

truck accident injuries

Sharing the roads with commercial trucks requires extra careful consideration. Unfortunately, accidents happen and people can get severely injured. In fact, 2014 saw over 30,000 fatal car accidents in the United States. Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself dealing with the aftermath of a truck accident. But if you do, you should know about possible injuries. So, let’s take a closer look at a few truck accident injuries that are commonly sustained.

Head Injuries

While head injuries are common in all vehicle accidents, they’re even more common in truck accidents. Concussions are often seen as well as broken facial bones. More severe head injuries may include brain damage, brain cell death, or a traumatic brain injury. All of these head injuries can impact cognitive function and cause life-long damages. This is why it’s important to find an attorney to help you seek compensation for truck accident injuries.

Back and Neck Injuries

Because of the harsh impact of semi accidents, back and neck injuries are commonly seen as well. Injuries to the back or neck are often complex and dangerous. More often than not, these truck accident injuries impact people for the rest of their lives. Even minor injuries can prevent accident victims from working or completing daily activities. Finding a good attorney will be key to receiving compensation for lost wages or medical bills in this case.

Internal Injuries

While there can certainly be a lot of external injuries in truck accidents, like cuts and bruises, there may also be internal injuries. The powerful trauma from an accident can cause significant internal injuries to important organs. Unfortunately, these truck accident injuries are much more difficult to treat than external injuries. When they are treated, internal injuries often come with hefty medical bills.

If you’re the victim in a semi accident, you should highly consider filing a personal injury lawsuit. These truck accident injuries can not only come with large medical bills, but they can also put you out of work and cause you pain and suffering. It’s important to seek compensation for these damages. By finding a good attorney, you will have the best possible chance of building a strong case and receiving the compensation you deserve.

If you’re in need of a truck accident injury lawyer, call Steigmann Law today. Our experienced attorneys are ready to help you with your case.