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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Hiring a Workers Comp Attorney

When an employee gets injured on the job, their employer’s insurance often covers expenses for medical bills and lost wages. In fact, about 74% of U.S. states require employers to provide workers compensation coverage for their employees. Unfortunately, employers don’t always have their employee’s best interests at heart and a workers compensation settlement isn’t always easy to achieve. This is where a workers compensation lawyer in Champaign, IL comes in.

Workers compensation laws are extremely strict, and if an employee fails to file a claim on time or files a claim incorrectly, it can significantly impact their ability to receive compensation from their employer. This is why it’s important to hire legal representation right off the bat. By choosing to find an attorney, an injured employee can ensure the claim is evaluated and filed properly and on time.

While many workers compensation claims go through without issue, there’s always the possibility that a claim could become more complicated. There are a variety of scenarios where legal representation would be essential in ensuring compensation is received

An employer denies the accident happened at work.

Despite strong evidence, like video and witnesses, some employers do try to deny the fact that one of their employees was injured at work. They may do this to save money and not have to pay the insurance compensation, but no matter the reason, this denial can harm an employee’s chances of receiving compensation. But with the help of a lawyer in Champaign, employees will be able to establish an undeniable connection between their injury and their job.

The benefits don’t cover all expenses.

Compensation should essentially cover all of the injured employee’s medical expenses and lost wages. However, calculations are sometimes done incorrectly and don’t cover all expenses. In this case, an attorney can help ensure the employee receives the proper benefits needed to pay for their medical care and cover lost wages.

There’s a disagreement about ability to work.

Sometimes, employers and insurance companies claim an employee can continue to work with modified duties. But if the employee disagrees, there may be issues with receiving necessary compensation. A good lawyer in Champaign can present evidence that shows the employee cannot work and can help ensure they keep their job while getting the necessary benefits.

As you can see, legal representation is key in a workers compensation case. So if you’re injured in a workplace accident, contact the Steigmann Law Team to review your case.