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Distracted Driver: Follow These Tips to Avoid Being One

distracted driver

Car accidents occur every single day in the United States, resulting in well over five million crashes every single year. Many of these were caused by distracted drivers. In 2013 alone, hundreds of thousands of people were injured–and another 3,154 killed–because of distracted driver-related accidents.

Victims of accidents caused by distracted drivers–or their surviving relatives–will certainly want to find an attorney who can help them get compensation for their injuries or trauma. And if you were the driver who caused a car accident, you will likely be facing some trouble and will also want to find an attorney who can help you navigate a potential lawsuit.

Of course, you do not want to be the defendant of such a lawsuit, and you can lessen the chance of that by following these tips for being safer driver:

Use Your Mirrors

You have mirrors placed throughout your vehicle for a reason, and they are meant to be used. By checking your mirrors on a consistent basis, you will remain alert and be aware of what is going on all around you.

Make sure you adjust your mirrors (and GPS, seats, seatbelts, etc.) before you start driving. Do not wait until you are backing out of your driveway or driving down the road to do so. Have everything all set and ready to use before you start driving, so you can focus your full attention on driving once you get on your way.

Put Your Phone Away

Store your cell phone in your purse or glove compartment so you will not be tempted to check it while on the road. In today’s world, staying connected is a top priority for most people, but checking social media, text messages, or e-mail is a primary factor in accidents caused by distracted drivers in our current society.

Save Snacks for Later

Eating while on the road is a common habit, but it is one that steals your attention and requires you to use your hands for something other than steering the vehicle. This also goes for typical morning tasks that people try to take care of in the car when they are running late. Make time to eat breakfast, shave, or apply make-up at home, before you leave for school or work.

Do you Need a Car Accident Attorney?

Finding a good attorney does not need to be a challenge. Look for one with experience in representing both the victims and those responsible for distracted driver accidents. An attorney with knowledge of both sides of the argument will be able to better represent you, whether you are looking to obtain fair compensation for your damages or to protect your rights as a defendant.

If you were involved in an accident that was caused by a distracted driver contact the Steigmann Law team today. Our established, experienced, and reputable attorneys are here to help you.