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Wrongful Death Attorney Illinois

The loss of a loved one is a painful experience that no words can adequately describe. In the case of a sudden, unexpected death, families have not had time to begin to deal with the emotional trauma that comes with the loss of a loved one.

The wrongful death attorneys at Steigmann Law, PC are well versed in handling wrongful death cases and representing the families of victims involved in wrongful death cases throughout Central Illinois. Our wrongful death attorney Illinois will be with you every step of the way, from handling insurance companies, negotiating medical bills and liens, maximizing the valuation of your damages, and pursuing arbitration and litigation.

Wrongful Death Cases

The financial burdens of the loss of your loved one can be overwhelming. These costs should be covered by the person or entity responsible for your loved one’s death. The responsible party should be held accountable for their negligence. Immediate family members and dependents of anyone killed in an accident have the right to file a wrongful death claim within two years of their death.

We Can Help Hold Negligent Parties Accountable for Your Loss

When you lose a loved one, the financial losses go far beyond the medical and funeral costs. When preparing your claim and, if necessary, fighting for your family at trial, we will work with experts to determine the lost earning potential and income.

We have also obtained compensation for pain and suffering experienced by the deceased prior to death, as well as non-economic losses, such as loss of companionship, loss of services, and loss of consortium.

Contact the Wrongful Death Lawyers at Steigmann Law, PC

The wrongful death attorneys at Steigmann Law, PC will do everything in their power to help you through your difficult time and will handle your case professionally and respectfully. We understand that money does not compensate for the loss of a loved one. A wrongful death lawsuit, however, could provide crucial financial security for an uncertain future.

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